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The Benefits of an On-Site QA Team

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At PLUS QA, we are very proud to have a local team that works on-site. At our Test Lab in Portland, OR we have a team of 50 experienced testers who test Web and Mobile apps all year around. But how exactly does working on-site benefit us and our clients? Let’s take a look at why being local makes all the difference.


We have a large team of testers which allows us to work with hundreds of companies. Our Project Managers are able to manage their projects smoothly and more efficiently with their team by their side. This is especially true in our new office, where the open-space is broken down by teams. Testers can ask each other questions, brainstorm together, or speak with their Project Manager as needed. The personal connection between co-workers that comes from working on-site is valuable.

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By having our employees on-site, the whole process is made faster and communication is in real-time. Working in real-time allows us to be more reactive to our clients as well. At PLUS QA, we work with companies across the US. Our Portland location is convenient for our many clients on the West Coast. Meanwhile a few months ago we opened an outpost in Philadelphia to better serve our clients located in Central states and on the East Coast. By having all of our employees local there is no delay due to dealing with different international time zones.


We value the ability to hire local talent from our community. Candidates go through a hiring process that includes a phone interview and in-person interviews. We look for employees with enthusiasm for the work and the ability to work efficiently as a part of a team.

When new talent joins the company, they go through a trial period of training. They are assisted during training and they have the opportunity to work with different Project Managers from our team to get a better understanding of our process. If the the trial is successful, they become a part of the team and we enjoy continuing to get to know them on a personal level.

We pride ourselves on having a diverse team. Women represent 50% of the management team and our company is comprised of more than 12 nationalities.

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Security is one of the most important aspects of QA testing. We work on confidential projects with private data that we need to protect for our clients. Working on-site guarantees we are not only working on a secure network but also on devices dedicated only to testing. Our clients know where their data is and whose hands it’s in. All of our employees go through a background check and security training. We also keep security procedures updated throughout the year.


Our device library gives our testers access to all the devices required for testing. Devices are not spread out among remote employees. Instead they are available to all our testers at any given time. Our device library is maintained daily and is always kept up-to-date with the latest phones, tablets, laptops and more. At this time our device library includes more than 75 Mac and PC stations and over 250 mobile devices including iOS, Android, AR and VR devices.

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We believe in our team and our testers are the most valuable asset. In the past year and a half we have increased our headcount from 32 to 50 employees. When we moved into our new office space in SE Portland last March, our presence had a great impact on local businesses and our neighbors. The positive energy and change we brought to the neighborhood was welcomed by the people and businesses around us.At PLUS QA, we have a business model oriented towards offering the best Quality Assurance experience to our clients. From the beginning, we have built a service company with strong foundations. We are able to test apps that are used by millions of users globally with a local team. Our office has proven to be a productive place to do great work. We truly think that there is nothing better than a diverse team of people who enjoy working together.